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Our vocation…

“The history of salvation is a history of yes …  a history of ‘here I am’. Christian life is this: a continuous ‘here I am’ to do the will of the Lord.”
Homily of Pope Francis in Santa Marta, 24 January 2017

We want to share our yes. The “Yes” that each one of the religious given during all these years are added to the initial ‘yes’ of Claudine and of her companions, without which we would not have the celebration of these 200 years today. 

Sr. Jyostna Kedari RJM
Kendal, Pune, India
72 years

After my loving mother’s death my dear father felt sorry for us and wondered how he would take care of his two very little girls -my elder sister and myself.

At that moment God sent the Parish Priest of Kendal Mission –a Jesuit, to our Khedle Village. My father was happy to meet him and he told him that we had no Mother. What can you do for them? He asked.  At once the Priest told him to send us to the boarding and this is how the story of my Vocation begins.

Experiencing life in a Boarding was unique.  I grew up in a Spiritual atmosphere with daily Mass, the daily recitation of the Rosary, Morning and Night prayers etc. The seniors in the Boarding, took care of me since I was the youngest among them, This made me feel happy.

It was in the year 1958 when I was just thirteen years old, I was surprised to learn that the Sisters of Jesus and Mary were coming to Kendal Mission. That was in the year 1958- When the Sisters came, all the girls were happy to welcome them. I received Spiritual guidance from Mother Providencia who nurtured my vocation.

Since there was no High School in Kendal, my elder brother Joseph called me to Pune for my Education and guided me through Br. Vidmer S.J. This is how the journey of my Vocation started through Fr. Nuener S.J. to the Congregation of Jesus and Mary, to whom I am ever grateful.

Sr. Louisa Adhav RJM
Kendal, Pune, India
42 years

In my family, my grandparents were very pious and so were my parents. They were regular churchgoers and recited rosary daily. Since the age of eight, I had a desire to become a Sister. When I used to see the Sisters in the Church or when they came to visit my family, I had a strong feeling and desire to be like them.

As I was growing up, I sometimes felt I would not be able to live a life like them – a life of sacrifice.
During my college days, Sisters of various Congregations used to come to visit my family. They wanted me to join them. I too visited many Congregations but I did not feel drawn to join them. Srs. Magdalene Sansare, Tara Ohol, Goretti Coutinho and many other Sisters of Jesus and Mary, visited my family. Actually, they thought my elder Sister would join them but this did not happen.

I was thinking of becoming a Religious after my Graduation, but I was not very sure of which Congregation I should join.  On completing my Graduation, I strongly felt that God’s call to serve Him and His people. It was when Sr. Magdalene Sansare and Sr. Tara Ohol visited my home that I expressed my desire to join the Religious of Jesus and Mary.

When I visited the Sisters at Provincial House, Boat Club, Pune, I felt strongly that this is my house and this is where God is calling me to be and that this is the Congregation, He has chosen for me. That was really a joyful moment for me that I cannot express in words. Now I am very grateful to God for calling me to be a Religious in this Congregation of Jesus and Mary.