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November 13th, 2017


The 13 of November has been chosen as it was on this day in 1842, the Congregation of Jesus and Mary began its mission in India. Thus it is an occasion on which its missionary work began and the Sisters set forth with generosity and courage to spread the Gospel and take the charism of Claudine to this part of the world.

We would like this to be a day on which everyone who is connected with “Jesus and Mary”, in our many and different, apostolic – missionary activities, can celebrate the joy of belonging to the great Jesus and Mary family and renew the legacy left to us by Claudine.

This date was chosen because it was on November 13, 1842, the day Jesus-Mary began the mission in India, at that moment the Congregation began its missionary project and launched with generosity and courage to proclaim the gospel and carry the Claudine’s charisma to that part of our world.

Since then, the Congregation has continued to open roads in different continents and today is spread across 28 countries.

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