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The Bicentennial

A woman, a loom, an orphan, were the origins of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary.

Claudine entered upon a “foolish and presumptuous undertaking which offered no guarantee of success”.

She entered into what seemed impossible, trusting in a merciful God who is behind every step.

Since 1818, We desire to respond to the challenges of each moment like Claudine.

Official events of the Bicentenary

The sole fabric woven by Claudine continues today in diverse and varied ways.

you are the fundamental,
first thread woven into the fabric of the Jesus and Mary
design which now spans all continents;
the one who risked the weaving,
chose the colours,
set up the loom,
suffered the uneven shuttling
when the design
showed little clarity.
Only faith
in the Good God
and the possibilities open
to you gave you the courage
to continue.
Today, we are
gently bound by
those silken,
multi-coloured threads –
threads of future hopes
and potential.