Celebration of the Bicentenary in Lahore, 6 of October

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The planning and preparation for the opening of the Bicentenary on October 6th began months ahead in community. All looked forward with joy to celebrating this day in union with Sisters gathered in Agra and around the world.

On the evening of the 6th we had the Eucharist which was concelebrated by twenty six priests. Religious of many Congregations, parents, friends, benefactors and our staff, both Christian and Muslim were present. This was a followed by a short entertainment by the pupils. An interesting p.pt on the foundation story and apostolic mission of our Congregation in Pakistan and across the world drew a big applause. The Novices and Postulants did a beautiful liturgical dance of praise, which was appreciated by all.

This evening came to a close with a festive supper on the school grounds, tastefully illuminated, and with fireworks which added to the joy of a memorable evening.