Celebration of Bicentenary in Toba Tek Singh, 6 of October

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                                                         God’s gift of loving Mercy

The day had eventually downed and hearts were filled with joy. We are two hundred years old. Thanks to the faith and courage of St. Claudine Thevenet.

At 5:30p.m the Celebration began with the Holy Eucharist by  Rev. Fr. Kamran Taj V.G replacing his Excellency Bishop Joseph Arshad who was unable to attend. He was assisted by our Parish Priest Rev Fr. Samual George and few others invited for the Celebration. Sr. Clementine welcomed all the guests to the celebration.

Mass readings were followed by a tableau by the senior pupils of St. Peter’s School. Sister and a few chosen Parishioners presented the gifts for the offertory.

After Holy Communion the pupils of C. J. M Junior School danced their tribute to St. Claudine for her love and care for them.  At the end of Mass Rev Father Kamran Taj was invited to read the message from the Bishop for this occasion.

After the mass a cultural show was presented and the life of St. Claudine was acted out by the pupils of C. J. M Senior School. A short history and mission of the Congregation was displayed through a power point. The people were impressed and enjoyed themselves to the full.

With this the guests moved down to the welcome area in front of the Principal’s office for the cutting of the Jubilee cake and fireworks.  Everyone was in a festive mood and they danced to their hearts’ desire to the beat of the drum untill invited to dinner.

The evening ended happily, with sincere gratitude in praise of Jesus and Mary.


 How Good God is!