The Bicentenary Celebration and JM Day, PHILIPPINES

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The Bicentenary celebrations began with a spiritual preparation where life of St. Claudine Thevenet was discussed in the class room and also students were shown the video «little violet» on the life of Claudine. The dawn of October 6 was special day for Jesus and Mary Thevent School. The Holy Eucharist was celebrated at 8.30 am. at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish presided by Msgr. Julius C. Rodulfa DCD. Msgr. Julius Rodulfa in his homily highlighted the essence of family life and also spoke about the historical period during which St. Claudine lived and how it took place when forgiveness became her way of life. All the students and their parents participated in the Eucharistic celebration.

The entire campus was filled with an air of celebration as faculty, students, parents and AFJM were present for the celebration. The cultural program began at 10:30 am with a prayer led by Mr. Sunitha D’Souza. Mr. Mercy Abraham gave the welcome speech who also gave an inspiring message on the pedagogy of St. Claudine and the importance of the bicentenary celebration and our need for Journey with Claudine – a woman of faith, Pardon, and Communion. The President of the School Br. Ellakim Sosmenia SC gave an inspiring message that highlighted the value of forgiveness and spoke much on the life St. Claudine.

The students from K1 to grade 5 presented a Play-let named «Life of St. Clauidne Thevenet». It was well acted, and which was very apt to the present scenario, with values ​​of family spirit, forgiveness and commitment. It re-echoed the French revolution. It ended with the solemn signing of the Hymn «Praised for ever to Jesus and Mary». The playlet was well directed under the supervision of Mrs.Fecorazon Cenisa our Principal and the teachers. On this special occasion «Parents Teachers Association» also signed an agreement with the BCCC to organize ‘reach out program’ for the poorest Basic Christian Community of our Parish. We also celebrated both «International teacher’s day» and «Family day»

Celebration on November 13: Eucharistic celebration was held in our Convent chapel at 5.30 pm Fr. Emmanuel Calumpong DCD the resident priest of the Parish was the main celebrant and Fr. Bipin Sebastian from the Congregation of Sons of the Merciful Love of God was the concelebrant . Many of our friends, benefactors, faculty of the school, AFJM, Religious from other congregation and Brothers of the Sacred Heart from different communities joined for the JM day in a big number. It was a homily gathering. Soon after the Mass Mr. Mercy Abraham RJM welcomed and thanked the gathering for gracing us with their presence. She also explained to them the significance of the JM day.   The final hymn of the bicentenary gave the feel and made aware of our mission in different parts of the world. As they walked out of the chapel souvenirs of the celebration were given.

The entire program was enriching and touching, making all feel proud to belong to the JM family thus keeping alive the last words of St. Claudine, «How Good God Is».