JM Day and the Bicentenary celebration at St.Agnes’ Dehradun,,India

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In Dehradun since we have 2 schools and 2 communities, it was decided that the school program will be held different days for the better participation and the Eucharistic celebration both the communities together in the parish for the parishioners on 19 th Nov 2017. But still to mark the occasion of international JM day on 13 th Nov. and to keep up the spirit at St.Agnes’ started with a prepared morning prayer in the community. In school, we had a special assembly for the students with a slide show on the life of St. Claudine and gave the students refreshments. The staff had to get together and gave them the Souvenir which was sent from Delhi.In the evening most of the staff along with the sisters attended for the program of CJM D.Dun ‘A Virtues Violet. «

On 19 th November both the communities had a combined Eucharistic celebration for the Parishioners during the 9.30 am (second mass) of the Sunday. The church was packed. The Eucharist began with an entrance dance by the students of St.Agnes’ based on the song of «How Good God is.» After which the lunch was served to all.

On 28 th of Nov.2017 at St.Agnes’ a play on the life of our Mother was put up by the students prepared by our teachers’ A woman for all time ‘for the parents and the public. The school campus was packed with the parents and the invitees and we gave packed boxes to the students on 27 th and 28 th and dinner for the staff and invitees on 28 th after the program. It was a beautiful program and everyone appreciated our school, staff and the students.

All the students were given a white Tshirt, Navy blue lower, white cap given by CJM Dehradun and Waverly community for the students of St.Agnes. Since we did not have the uniform we took the chance of getting a uniform for the school. So the T.Shirt was made with the Bicentenary Logo at the back, JM Logo in front and House color necklace and sleeve patty. All the children came by wearing their new House dress on the school day program. It was a great and joyful day for all and it went away from the campus imbibing the spirit of St.Claudine Thevent.