Activities based on faith, forgiveness and communion by St. Annes, Mumbai, India

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Activities were conducted in school to make students aware of the three important virtues ie Faith, Forgiveness and Communion that our Foundress believed and practiced.

Reflection on Faith

The students and teachers came to a common consensus that the deepest level of worship is in having faith in God despite our trials and tribulations in life. The students also understood that there were lots of similarities between their religions.

The common thread of faith transpired in all religions is their immense love for God. Students also realized through Claudine’s example of commitment and faith in God that no matter how hard life is we need to keep ourselves rooted in our faith towards God. He is the anchor of our lives. The students learned to appreciate and praise God in good and bad times.

Reflection on Forgiveness

The teachers and students felt the need to forgive their friends, colleague and everyone around on a daily basis. They felt that forgiveness is not an attribute of the weak but the strong. The students also realized that forgiveness negative negative thoughts like anger, jealousy, frustration and guilt. The teachers and students too understood what they must have taken for Claudine to undergo when their brothers were executed in front of her. Yet she was able to forgive. Both teachers and students felt that forgiveness is absolutely necessary to be at peace with one’s self.

Reflection on Communion

The teachers and students realized that it was extremely important to develop a strong relationship with God no matter how many times we fail. The students and teachers felt that Claudine’s life of reconciliation and reparation with God was the only consolation in this matter and like her build is strong relationship with God. They realized that communion lies in helping each other and understanding the feelings of other people too.