A Visit to Agra by St. Joseph’s, Pashan, Pune, INDIA

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The 28 th   of October ‘2017 dawned to a beautiful and exciting morning ………

This was the day our school, «St. Joseph High School, Pashan ‘was ready with an army of super thrilled students (85), teachers (11), FJM members (2) and our main Mr. Flory were leaving on a trip , to see our very first school, St. Patricks, built by the Jesus & Mary Congregation at Wazipura, Agra, in 1842.

This being our bicentennial year (of the Religious of Jesus and Mary,) our trip was the perfect platform to gain an insight about the foundation of our Congregation.

On reaching the Convent we were welcomed by Mr. Dorothy Rodrigues, Mr. Gladys Rodrigues & Mr. Leena Matera. Our sisters of the Convent took us on a tour, taking us back to a time machine where we first had a glimpse of a quaint and small cemetery. A crucifix standing in the center of the cemetery, flanked by the grave of our sisters who lost their lives at a very young age.

Moving forward we walked through glades of beautiful greenery, which then, opened out to an expanse of a ground, proudly boasting of the name «SPJC» JM. 1842, led to a section of St. Patricks Jr. College (Primary section).

The «Akbar’s Church» which is now called the «Church of the Pieta» (1599) was a picturesque sight.

After seeing the Divine statues of the Mother of Sorrows and Jesus in his glass tomb, we proceeded further to the Cathedral. We were shown the famous paintings of the ‘Immaculate Conception’ and The Bishop of Agra, Msgr. Antonio B, by M. Paul Ferrand-1848.

Mr. Gladys took us to see, a tablet embedded in the wall of the Cathedral of, ‘Mother Mary

St. Bernadine ‘, the religious of Jesus and Mary, who was the organist of the Cathedral, and had dedicated her life to untiring service (50 years) for the cause of Jesus and Mary.

With our hearts full of spiritual inspiration, we moved to the exhibition of artifacts and pictorial ‘Hall of fame’ which was set up by the sisters of our Convent with stories of the entire lives of our great and late sisters whose dedicated service was portrayed. We also had a glimpse of the St. Joseph, Hindi Medium School.

This entire tour of our first house for the children of God had overwhelmed our entire group and we were in awe of the fact that there was so much more SOUL to the FACE called Jesus and Mary.

Filled with pride to stay in our hearts till eternity, we thanked our sisters for their warmth, love and patience, to explain all of what we saw.

We rode back to the night with our heads held high —- for the fact that we belonged to this NAME …………………….. ….. Perhaps each must have whispered in the silence …………………………

«Praised be forever Jesus and Mary» !!!


By Ayesha Fernandez

Teacher, Std. IB

St.Joseph High School, Pashan, Pune


Etches In My Memories

I decided I would not go …….

But somehow I did not know …..

What fate had in store ….

A calling for me ……

Our first school to see !!

When suddenly the gate of our school came to sight;

My imagination took a picturesque flight!

Like an Oasis amidst, the hot desert sands;

I could see our Institution of helping hands.

Looking at the tombstone of a beats young nun

Once again my thoughts began to run

To the pedagogy of Love, started by Claudine

Which in ‘OUR’ every child, today is seen!

This beautiful campus had me captured in awe;

Etching in my memory, all that I saw!

The statue of Claudine, standing pure and tall

The court where our children play basket ball

With quotes of the likes of Billie Jean King

The words of the famous in my years did ring

The Holy Chapel, the prayer room there …..

The Immaculate Conception …. a painting so rare!

Every inch of this awesome place;

Needs no guard, gun or rifle ……

Cause I caught a glimpse …. of our Archangel Michael

When there was no hope, God saw our despair

I have felt his CJM angels to help and take care!

Glancing through pictures, in the hall of fame;

I was so proud, to be part of this name.

The cool breeze on my face, like a soothing balm,

Armed me with memories of peace and calm.

Everything is FATED i was meant to see this …..

My Lord wanted me to know …..

«How Good God Is» !!!