Celebration of Bicentenary in Islamabad, 6 of October

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The Bicentenary of the Foundation of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary was opened with the celebration of the Eucharist in Fatima Church. Senior Class students, teachers, friends, Groups of Daughters of Mary from the Bastis, AFJM members joined the J.M. Sisters to give thanks for the 200 years of the Religious of  Jesus and Mary. Five priests concelebrated the Mass Frs. Yousaf Amanat, Asif Riaz, Khalid  Yousaf, Kamran Danial, and Willie

Fr. Yousaf Amanat, in his homily gave an explanation of the Biblical meaning of Jubilee and pointed out how St. Claudine’s life fulfilled the challenges of the Word of God.  After Communion  senior girls  performed a Liturgical Dance to a beautiful mantra – How Great is our God.  After the Celebration of Thanksgiving everyone was invited to go to the Hall for a Cultural celebration.

The hall was beautifully decorated with Banners, pictures and the flags of the 28 countries now having a presence of J.M. The programme opened with an introduction in Urdu of the reason for the celebration. This led into a repeat of the prayerful dance that was shown during the Liturgy. Many were not able to see it in the Church. A senior teacher gave the commentary in Urdu including much of the life events of St. Claudine and history of the  Congregation  while introducing the well performed cultural dances. Their performances were highly appreciated by the audience.

When the students’ dances ended all were treated to a lunch of Biriyani.  Once the lunch was over the groups of women came together to share some very old traditional dances from village life. This was enjoyed by all who were present as it gave the city dwellers a taste of village entertainment.  Thus the day came to a close by uniting all in one joyous celebration.