56th Annual Sports Day St. Joseph High School, Pashan, India

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St. Joseph High School Pashan, Celebrated the 56 th Annual Sports Day on the 15 th of December 2017. The Sports Day was dedicated to the bicentennial year of the Congregation of Jesus & Mary.

Our very own Josephite Mrs. Veena Raman was the Chief Guest on this occasion. She was retired Deputy General Manager (MP State Tourism Dev. Co-op. Ltd.) and she had represented Maharashtra in Hockey at various National Events.

The Welcome address was given by the Asst. Head Girl and the meet was declared open by releasing mauve balloons

The smart turn out during the march past has always been the highlight of the Sports Day.

To specially commemorate 200 years, the PT Display and drills performed by different classes were in the formation of our logo and the symbolic number – ‘200’. The PT Display by Std.5, 6, & 7 was a rhythmic and elegant presentation.

The children of class 1 had a special race dedicated to the Mother Foundress, St. Claudine Thevenet, and the Sisters. They depicted the sisters of the Jesus and Mary Congregation dressed in both, white and black habits. The little Sister held Placards carrying the values ​​of St.Claudine.

This Race was followed by a classic display «Welcoming with Violets» which was a unique display of rhythmic exercises.

The Races also depicted St. Claudine in a myriad forms.

An excellent performance by our athletes, both juniors and seniors was exhibited, whether it was the relay shuttle, the hoopla race or the slow cycling race. Every event was an exhilarating experience that got the crowd’s adrenaline pumping high. The tug-of-war was truly exciting. The concept of pitching our existing students against ex-students added to the thrill that the audience felt.

The grand finale of our Sports Day has always been the scintillating demonstration of the traditional harvest of folk dance – «Lezim». The electrifying music and energetic movements of our students who were adept in involving spectacular gymnastic feats, soared the spirits of both, participants and the audience.

The occasion concluded with a motivating speech by our chief guest as she reminisced in her fond school memories.