200JM > Activités > ‘WALKING WITH JESUS AND MARY’ – THE WALKATHON St. Annes High School, Pune, INDIA

St. Anne’s High School, Pune celebrated the Jesus and Mary Day with the neighborhood on 14 TH November 2017 at 09.00 am with a walkathon which was organized to let people know that the Congregation of Jesus and Mary all over the world is celebrating 200 years of its existence and all the good work it has done to better humanity through the years.

The walkathon began with the assembling of students on the school ground according to their house colors, ie red, blue, green and yellow. Each of the houses were given flags of their respective colors as well as small flags denoting the bicentennial year. Each house prefect carried to placard highlighting the thoughts which Claudine desired for those associated with her congregation.

The walkathon procession was preceded by an open jeep which displayed the banner announcing to the people that the JM Congregation is celebrating 200 years. Behind the jeep, the girls walked (house-wise) while chanting slogans such as ‘How good God is’ and ‘Jesus and Mary Congregation-200 years’, ‘With God for God’.

The walkathon certainly evoked a feeling of pride in all those who participated. It was the combined and successful effort of the school staff and parents along with local reinforcements. The girls took part in the walkthrough and the procession got back to school, everyone had gathered on the ground to witness the opening of the Bicentennial year with the release of red and white balloons into the air.

Each of the participants was given a small token of appreciation for having participated in the walkathon.

The moment was indeed a historic one, one which will be remembered for eons to come. The moment was a joyous one filled with pride and honor for all those who were gathered there.