Celebration of Bicentenary in Karachi, 6 of October

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Arriving at the Senior School one had to be impressed at the display of the flags of the 28 counties where Jesus and Mary work today. The Holy Mass was celebrated by His Grace Archbishop Joseph Couttes. The Parish Choir was in full voice. Many friends of the community were invited,along with the A.F.J.M. and our Catholic Teaching Staff.
Gifts: Lighted candles , Globe , Flowers, a seed , Bread and Wine, Statue of St. Claudine and open hands were offered with an explanation of the symbol and a prayer.
The Archbishop spoke about St. Claudine as if he knew her, her great feeling for the poor and the need for education as a result of the French Revolution.
After the Eucharistic celebration our guest were entertained by  our School children both senior and junior. And our Dance Master Mr. Mohsin and his wife Aysha’s performance  added its flavor to  the show .
The guests were invited to a festive meal which all enjoyed . Souvenirs were presented to the guests at the end of meal.