A celebration of « Aviral Sneh” (UNDYING LOVE) – St. Anthony’s School, Agra , India

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The  13 th of November, 2017 was a red- letter day  for the Congregation of Jesus and Mary as it completes 175 years of Its commencement in India (Agra). So, the Convent of Jesus and Mary St. Anthony’s Junior College, Agra was all geared up in preparations for this great day. The school campus seemed to have come alive with jubilant messages and befitting quotes that expressed not only the life of our Mother Foundress but also her virtues and way of life.

In the morning we had a prayer service for the students of LKG to class XII. We put across to them the importance of this great day for the Sisters of Jesus and Mary in India. The six sisters who came to India who made sacrifices were also remembered by us in our prayers and paid our tribute to them on this sacred and holy day. All of us felt very strongly that it is because of ST. CLAUDINE (VIRTUOUS VIOLET)  we are here in this institution.  

 In the midst of a perfect ambience of a well-decorated hall the celebrations for the day began by offering of the Holy Eucharist in thanksgiving to the Almighty for this wondrous occasion and endless blessings upon the Congregation.

The Holy Mass was offered by Rev. Fr. Stephen Kulandai Samy our Parish Priest with four other celebrants in the presence of some special invitees fathers and sisters of the locality, school staff, support staff and the catholic students. The mass began with a welcome and introduction to the event read by Mr. Lucy. The significance of the symbols offered during the Mass was by Mr. Rani. The melodious voices of the choir created a perfect feeling between the guests and all present. The celebrations of the day were carried out by a well-organized lunch for all the invitees as each one had a feeling of GRATITUDE in our hearts.


The celebrations did not stop here. The  20 th & 21 st of November 2017, were the special days set aside for our dear parents, students and well-wishers on which a beautiful musical ballet called « AVIRAL SNEH » (UNDYING LOVE)  was staged to unfurl the saga of the life history of our Mother Foundress- St. Claudine Thevenet. The presentation was impactful and emotional and made many eyes moist during its staging. It gave the message that the virtues like LOVE, COMPASSION, and FORGIVENESS  can make the world a better place to live in.


On the first day of the program on 20 th the Chief Guest Mr. Reddy, CEO of the Cantonment Board Agra,  gave an inspiring speech to the audience. I have congratulated the institutions for the commendable work carried out through imparting quality education and values ​​which are evident in the students of Jesus and Mary especially here in St. Anthony’s Junior College, Agra.

He also congratulated all the participants on how well they had acted and were able to convey the message of FORGIVENESS and COMPASSION and in portraying the strife of the life of our Mother Foundress St. Claudine which was staged for the first time in this school.


On the second day on 21 st the program ended with words of appreciation by the  CHIEF GUEST, His Grace Most RT. Rev. Dr. Albert D’souza, the Archbishop of Agra   followed by a warm and well-arranged dinner for special religious guests, Staff, helpers and benefactors. The day ended with a strong feeling in everyone’s heart which made it to exclaim along with St. Claudine    HOW GOOD GOD IS!